Remote Paramedics – Why?

How many times have we heard of people getting injured or worse when working in remote and isolated areas. It happens all too often.

Remote care Paramedics are trained and experienced to work in austere regions that other health professional find challenging at best or down right impossible.

Choosing the perfect fit for your group or organisation can be difficult. But the right consultant can make it easy.

Be sure to research before you go and ask around. You’ll be sure to find someone that is perfect fit.


Medics, Paramedics, Intensive Care Paramedics and Specialist Rescue Paramedics are highly skilled and difficult to find.

Ausmedics International is an Australian based pre hospital care provider for Television, Film, Industry, Commercials, Music Videos, Sporting Events, Sporting Venues, Extreme Sports and more.

With over 25 years experience in providing first class pre hospital care, we tailor services that are suited to your requirements.

No matter if your needs are large, small or individual, we can help make your event safer.

Fiji – Is it really classed as remote?

For many a trip to Fiji is both relaxing and rewarding. But what if your responsible for the health and safety of your crew.

Pre Hospital services are both limited and unreliable, even though Fiji has many visitors each year.

Ausmedics has been there and done that. We’ve got it covered in all aspects of frontline care, in country liaisons and repatriation.

Now you really can mix business with pleasure and feel safe and comfortable.